Great And Unusual Places To Visit In China

If you are looking for a distinct and a rich travel experience, China is the location to be. This big country provides travelers a number of locations which are very different from other in every aspect possible. Even if you pick to explore two or three places in China rightly, there is a best chance for you to view a fully different set of ways of living, cultures and tradition. Another best thing about China is, that even if you are a on a tight budget you can manage simply in the country and there is much more to view than just the Great Wall of China and big city malls. Here are some of the best places to visit in China:
Apart from the famous and well-lit cities, China has to offer old cities that are packed with serene surroundings and traditional Chinese architecture. Old Lijiang is one of such old Chinese cities that have a charming folk culture linked to them. This amazing city has an assortment of rustic canals and Chinese traditions and cultures that have been capable to stay away from the extreme modernization in China has experienced in the recent decade. Lijiang has more than three-hundred bridges, very old stone-build streets and charming natural landscapes. All these specs make this city a best choice to experience the different China.
In contrast of the Lijiang, the canal city, here is something that will definitely shock you. Placed in the heart of the city of Guangzhou is the pretty Africa, an extremely amazing shopping center that deals in wholesale business interactions. It is known as little Africa as here you will find more than 20,000 traders who belong to countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and other African countries. These traders have formed their own culture and will be ready to discuss to you about their life stories and journeys, providing an insight about their life in China.
When visiting Beijing, try to move away from the new streets and explore the villages, not very far from the great city. Cuandixia is one of the largest villages that are placed right next to the Great Wall, and is very famous for its courtyard homes that have been preserved extremely well by the people. This village is more than four-hundred years old and provides you a feel of the Chinese countryside, which comes a pleasant shock after you visit the capital city of Beijing.

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