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Europe travel ideas to make your journey memorable

Planning a vacation to Europe is not simple, mainly when you know that there are huge number of destinations to go and even more things to do. So, the foremost things that you need to do is plan, depending on your budget, choices of locations, accommodation facilities and Covid-19 guideline and many more. Look for the excellent holiday packages Europe or Europe vacation rentals that will match your pocket as well as your choice of spending your holiday. Here are some Europe travel ideas that can help you plan your itinerary in this fine destination:

Plan your destination

Some of the most visited places in Europe are Madrid, London, Paris, Rome and Prague. They might not be affordable, but they can offer you an insight into the historical and cultural diversity of the continent. While London brings you the royal entourage, Spain brings you the colour and the splendor of traditional and carnivals paradises.

Best visited during spring, Paris is a center of art lovers, historians and foodies. One get to view some of the wonderful buildings and construction in Paris, such as the Eiffel tower,  the Louvre museum and the Notre Dame Castle. Italy, anyway, has a spiritual air to it with the Vatican City and the many cathedrals and churches. Anyway, the fact that it is also the center for fashion, cannot be rejected. Hit on the street fashion and get the top deals in the streets of via Condotti, via Borgonona, and via Frattina. Prague is another charming place, which is famous for its Gothic architecture, historical landmarks and mystique sites and so on.


It is clear that while visiting an unknown city, you would be worried about accommodation despite knowing the fact that there are many choices in the above-mentioned cities. The key concerns contain booking rooms, their prices, etc. So, it is best to hire an international travel agent and take his help reserve rooms, while keeping your budget in mind. Some of these agencies also offer vacation rental deals Europe that match your pocket and vacation type.

Travel checklist

Once everything is set and you are ready to go, make sure that you have your visa, passport and tickets in place. The booking details of car rentals and hotels have also been taken. Also carry first aid and medicines that you need along with the doctor’s prescription. Make sure that you have medical insurance while traveling abroad as that comes handy in emergency.

Some of the best places to visit in China

Today, we will be highlighting some of the most amazing locations that visitors who spend their vacations in China explore and enjoy. If you go on a tour to China, never miss visiting these attractions.

Away from the popular monuments almost added in many travel packages to China like the Terracotta Soldiers, Great Walls of China, and the Forbidden City, we will be shedding light on more and more monuments that are pretty stunning and are forever value a visit.

The Potala Palace is placed on the top of Huangshan Mountain in the Lhasa city in the Chinese Tibet and its among the monuments that are generally visited by a big number of visitors who tour China.

Established as early as the seventeen century AD, the Potala Palace is placed around 3,700 meters above sea level.  The key building of the palace consists of thirteen floors with a height of 117 meters.

There is also the Victoria port placed at the Hong Kong Island that is characterized by its wonderful natural scenery. This is why many visitors who travel to China would go for a visit to the port that is also featured for hosting many parks and prominent gardens.

Another remarkable location to visit in China is the Li River that is one of the longest in the country and it attracts many visitors who enjoy their holidays in China. The river is 266 kilometers long and its banks are distinguished with stunning natural scenes of mountains, trees, and forests.

Among the best monuments of China there is also the Leshan Giant Buddha. Placed at the city of Sichuan, this big statue of Buddha is the biggest rock carved of Buddha in the full globe. The sight of the Leshan Giant Buddha was enlisted in the globe of globe heritage places of the UNESCO in 1990.

The big Leshan Giant Buddha statue is seventy-one meters in height and the width between its shoulders is around twenty-eight meters. The height of its ears is around seventeen meters and the height of its head is around fifteen meters. This big piece of architecture and art amaze visitors who tour China.

If you are looking for a different location to explore for visitors who tour China, there is the Magao Cave. Placed in the town of Dunhuang, these caves were discovered in the fourteen century AD. The caves have some amazing wall paintings that are estimated to be covering a surface place of 45,000 square meters. This sight was included to the UNESCO World Heritage place in 1987.

Awesome holiday places to visit in Japan

Japan is one of the famous visitor destinations. With its amazing beauty, calm river and lush green area, this island nation attracts millions of visitors from all over the planet every year. Aside from its natural beauty, Japan also provides relax accommodation, tons of open-air activities and historical locations to visit.

As there are lots of famous locations to visit in Japan including World Heritage places, museums, natural monuments, historical places and national geoparks, you need to plan your trip tactfully to enjoy all the locations. Some renowned places to visit are listed below:

Himeji castle

Himeji castle called as White Heron Castle is a best example of prototypical Japanese castle architecture.  The castle has a network of eighty-three buildings including gates, corridors, storehouses, and turrets with latest defensive systems from the feudal period. It is the most viewed castle in Japan and one of the primary UNESCO World Heritage places in the country. When you visit Japan, try to witness the beauty of his historical castle that portrays the feudal period and Japanese castle architecture system in an extraordinary way.


It is famous visitor place that has a number of popular temples and shrines. When it was developed as a mountain resort, it became more famous among the visitors. As the city is surrounded by charming forests, peaceful mountains and streams, a big number of visitors visit Nikko which is placed in the mountains of Tochigi Prefecture.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji considered as one of the holy mountains is a famous trekking place for visitors. In 2009, around 31,000 climbed Mount Fuji. The top period to hike up Mount Fuji is from July to August. During the hiking season, accommodation and other facilities are accessible to offer an excellent hiking experience for visitors. If you planning to visit Mount Fuji during the peak season ensure to reserve the flight ticket to reject unnecessary delay later.

Matsumoto castle

Matsumoto castle also famous as crow castle is placed in the city of Matsumoto. It is one of the famous castle in Japan along with Himeji and Kumamoto. Its water-filled moat makes it special from other castles. It depicts the beauty of traditional Japanese architecture in a special way. It is also listed as national wealth of Japan. It is a flatland castle as it is built on a plain rather than on a hilltop.

Travel to Portugal

Portugal is a European country placed on the lberian peninsula in the southwest side of Europe. The south and west of Portugal are cornered by the Atlantic Ocean, providing it some of the most dramatic coastline in West.
Portugal borders just one country, Spain, which makes up the rest of the Liberian Peninsula.
Portugal is an extremely pleasant country to visit – mainly for any person in love with seafood. All along the coast are remarkable restaurants dedicated to cooking fresh fish. Most restaurants are priced with sweet portions. When you are having food in Portugal do not forget to sample the amazing local wine.
While Portugal is noted for Port, amazing wines are home grown in regions north of Lisbon and Porto.
If you are in some of the more famous visitor places it is wise to make a reservation. It is also standard practice in Portugal to include a 5 – 10 percent tip for waiters.
English is largely spoken throughout Portugal and the locals are very friendly. A big selection of English-written newspapers can be bought in most of the bigger newsagents.
Portugal is a country rich in history and arts. The architecture of Portugal changes from area to area. The Romans were the first to leave behind their improved structural design. Muslim invaders from North Africa during the 8th century have also enriched the architecture in southern Portugal. Portugal is littered with amazing temples, Churches and old buildings. Some old buildings are restored and changed into great hotels.
Hotels in Portugal are plentiful in tourist cities and visitors, but in the countryside they can be rare. If you are traveling via the Portuguese countryside plan your trip well in advance.
Sporting holidays can be had at any time of the year. While the Portuguese are largely into football, most marina sports can be sought along the full coastline. If you are looking for a Portugal golfing holiday should be top of the list. Most of the top golf courses in Portugal are found in the Algarve area, which has a status as one of Europe best golfing destinations.
The Algarve area of Portugal, placed in the south of the country, is the best location to visit at any time of year. Its climate stays hot all year round and the scenic coastline provides a big range of marine activity.
Fishing is a best way of life for many in Portugal. Each year during the month of August a big seafood festival is hosted by one of the ports in the Algarve.

Great And Unusual Places To Visit In China

If you are looking for a distinct and a rich travel experience, China is the location to be. This big country provides travelers a number of locations which are very different from other in every aspect possible. Even if you pick to explore two or three places in China rightly, there is a best chance for you to view a fully different set of ways of living, cultures and tradition. Another best thing about China is, that even if you are a on a tight budget you can manage simply in the country and there is much more to view than just the Great Wall of China and big city malls. Here are some of the best places to visit in China:
Apart from the famous and well-lit cities, China has to offer old cities that are packed with serene surroundings and traditional Chinese architecture. Old Lijiang is one of such old Chinese cities that have a charming folk culture linked to them. This amazing city has an assortment of rustic canals and Chinese traditions and cultures that have been capable to stay away from the extreme modernization in China has experienced in the recent decade. Lijiang has more than three-hundred bridges, very old stone-build streets and charming natural landscapes. All these specs make this city a best choice to experience the different China.
In contrast of the Lijiang, the canal city, here is something that will definitely shock you. Placed in the heart of the city of Guangzhou is the pretty Africa, an extremely amazing shopping center that deals in wholesale business interactions. It is known as little Africa as here you will find more than 20,000 traders who belong to countries like Ghana, Nigeria, and other African countries. These traders have formed their own culture and will be ready to discuss to you about their life stories and journeys, providing an insight about their life in China.
When visiting Beijing, try to move away from the new streets and explore the villages, not very far from the great city. Cuandixia is one of the largest villages that are placed right next to the Great Wall, and is very famous for its courtyard homes that have been preserved extremely well by the people. This village is more than four-hundred years old and provides you a feel of the Chinese countryside, which comes a pleasant shock after you visit the capital city of Beijing.