Travel to Portugal

Portugal is a European country placed on the lberian peninsula in the southwest side of Europe. The south and west of Portugal are cornered by the Atlantic Ocean, providing it some of the most dramatic coastline in West.
Portugal borders just one country, Spain, which makes up the rest of the Liberian Peninsula.
Portugal is an extremely pleasant country to visit – mainly for any person in love with seafood. All along the coast are remarkable restaurants dedicated to cooking fresh fish. Most restaurants are priced with sweet portions. When you are having food in Portugal do not forget to sample the amazing local wine.
While Portugal is noted for Port, amazing wines are home grown in regions north of Lisbon and Porto.
If you are in some of the more famous visitor places it is wise to make a reservation. It is also standard practice in Portugal to include a 5 – 10 percent tip for waiters.
English is largely spoken throughout Portugal and the locals are very friendly. A big selection of English-written newspapers can be bought in most of the bigger newsagents.
Portugal is a country rich in history and arts. The architecture of Portugal changes from area to area. The Romans were the first to leave behind their improved structural design. Muslim invaders from North Africa during the 8th century have also enriched the architecture in southern Portugal. Portugal is littered with amazing temples, Churches and old buildings. Some old buildings are restored and changed into great hotels.
Hotels in Portugal are plentiful in tourist cities and visitors, but in the countryside they can be rare. If you are traveling via the Portuguese countryside plan your trip well in advance.
Sporting holidays can be had at any time of the year. While the Portuguese are largely into football, most marina sports can be sought along the full coastline. If you are looking for a Portugal golfing holiday should be top of the list. Most of the top golf courses in Portugal are found in the Algarve area, which has a status as one of Europe best golfing destinations.
The Algarve area of Portugal, placed in the south of the country, is the best location to visit at any time of year. Its climate stays hot all year round and the scenic coastline provides a big range of marine activity.
Fishing is a best way of life for many in Portugal. Each year during the month of August a big seafood festival is hosted by one of the ports in the Algarve.

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