Asia – Travel Tips

In the recent period there are many people who are trying to travel around the world, but they spend very little time in Asia. This is very wrong because taking a short tour in Asia won’t let you see the many things that this continent has to offer. In fact, Asia is such a large continent that if you want to have a quality sightseeing you will probably have to spend more than one year. The best way to visit to Asia is to separate it in several parts and visit these parts one by one. For those, who want to enjoy experienced travelers suggest visiting Thailand, the Maldives and Indonesia (Bali). People who have more adventurous nature should travel India, China, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is good to mention that visas are mandatory for almost all countries, they are easy to obtain, but depending on the country they can be very expensive.



Of course most of the money spent on such trip will be spent on plane tickets. The largest low-budget airlines are Air Asia (operating in Southeast Asia and connecting this part of Asia with Istanbul, Paris, Athens and London)) and Air Arabia (connects the Middle East with Sri Lanka and India). There is another good and affordable airline in Southeast Asia and that’s Tiger Airways. It is also good to point out that the railroad is quite developed in this part of the world, so you can use the trans-Siberian and trans-Mongolian railway that connects Beijing with Tibet. Bus traffic is also very well-organized, but you should keep in mind that the quality of the vehicles depends on the current economic situation in the country you are visiting. The buses in most countries are very old, but they will eventually get you to the destination you have chosen.


Starting from the Middle East through India and China and ending with Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia there is one word that can describe the food you can find there – tasty! However, you need to be careful because diarrhea is almost inevitable although you shouldn’t be worried much about this problem. Try to avoid street food that look tempting but it is usually made in an unhygienic way.


You should be very careful when choosing a hotel unless you are staying at a well-known brand of hotels. Travelers usually stay in guest houses.

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