Best places to visit in china

China is one of the most visited countries in the planet. Foreign visitors coming from different parts of the world could not get enough of this amazing and remarkable place. There is so much to view here. Apart from being a highly cultured country, it also has lots of sweet landscapes and many more.
If we are planning to go for a visit to China, we should know more about the popular locations here. The ones that are extremely much familiar with the worlds history can count all of the remarkable wonders that China has. The following are the locations that we can pay a visit to in China:
Great Wall of China
This is one of Chinas trademark. It is throughout the planet, and people are extremely much amazed with the remarkable architecture of the location, knowing that it is built 1000s of years back. It is UNESCO World Heritage place, and also an extremely famous visitor spot in the country. Visitors never want to miss the chance of visiting Great Wall once they arrive in the country.
Forbidden City
This has been the palace of the late king during the Ming and Ching dynasties. The location is known as “Gu gong” in Chinese. It is known as one of China pride. Along the years, mainly during the wars, the empire has been devastated. It has been rebuilt after a few years, and made it one of the best architectural design. What we view now in the Forbidden City is actually what it looks like 1000s of years ago. A lot of the country’s history can be seen in said location.
Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven which is a temple was built in the same year when the Forbidden City was built. It is one of the World Heritage location. It is now used for Chinese events and other occasions. But most of the time, the location is used as a visitor spot for visitors.
Temple of Confucius
The temple of Confucius is one of the remarkable locations in China that is found in Beijing. It is such a big area of twenty-two thousand square meters. It is also where the seven-hundred year old cypress tree is found which was said to have the power to distinguish the best from the evil.
Those are just some of the most famous and top locations in China. Feel free to browse for more and view what other amazing sites we can view in this wonderful place.

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