Things to See When You Travel to Japan

There are a few locations in the planet that hold as much mystique for Westerners as does Japan. Even with all of the focus that Japan has garnered on the world stage over the past few decades due to its extremely powerful economic success, there is much about this country that remains unknown.
If you are planning on traveling to Japan for the initial time – or if you live in Japan and just want to get out and view the country on your next holiday break – a best place to begin your journey is with the different attractions that Japan offers.
If you are looking for Japan travel information, best attractions in Japan that you must view are the following:
Tokyo Tower
The Tokyo tower is a big symbol of modern Japan, including Japans economic success. Actually, the tower was created in 1958 as a symbol for the country’s rising economic prominence in Asia and the planet. The Tokyo Tower was modeled on the Eiffel Tower in France and actually is 13 meters taller. This makes it the planet tallest self-supporting steel tower.
Ueno Zoo
If you love going to the zoos, you are sure to love the Ueno Zoo. This is Japan oldest and most popular zoo and has been in operate since 1882. Today, the zoo houses well over four-hundred species of animals, making it the zoo with the biggest range of species anywhere in Japan. Visitors can even ride the monorail placed within the park, which links the western and eastern portions of the zoo.
The Daibutsu (Great Buddha) at Nara
Buddhism has been a powerful force in Japan for well over 2,000 years. One of the most prominent single physical symbols of the reverence that many Japanese have held for Buddhism over the years has been the Daibutsu in the Nara city. Nara is placed near Kyoto in Western Japan.
The Daibutsu statue is placed in the Todaiji Temple. And, it is truly something to behold in person. At fifteen tall and weighing 250 tons, it is the biggest gilt-bronze statue in the planet.
Osaka Aquarium
It is one of the biggest in the planet. This aquarium is placed in the Minato ward of Osaka, close to Osaka Bay (In Western Japan). You can get to Osaka from Tokya through the Shinkansen (bullet train), then take local buses or trains to the aquarium. The Osaka Aquarium specs sixteen tanks, the biggest of which holds 5,400 cubic meters of water.

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