Popular Attractions to Visit in London

There are so many famous attractions in London that a visitor can venture during his vacation to London. Being a best city of sightseeing, London attracts visitors from across the country and abroad. The rich cultural heritage, a best treasure of historical background, architectural marvels, and lovely destinations make London a perfect place for a great family holiday or a romantic getaway for a couples also.

A few of my favourite visitor attractions in London:

The tower of London

The Tower of London is another place that is included within the domain of the London sightseeing trips with the aid of the London Pass. The Tower of London also boats historical importance as it happened to the former residence of King Henry VII. It is amazingly location within near proximity of the St Paul’s Cathedral and also the popular landmark of London, the London Tower Bridge.

St. Paul’s cathedral

One of the London famous places that can be simply accessed with the London Pass is St. Paul’s Cathedral. This Cathedral has a remarkable historic value and is also an architectural wonder of London with a tremendous beauty.

Churchill’s war museum

The visitors who have fetish for museums and very old preservations can visit another best attraction of London with the aid of the London Pass, the War Museum of Churchill.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace was once the Princess Diana home and continues to be one of the attractions of London that can be visited with the support of the London Pass.


Thames River is the top and most amazing landmark of London as the visitors are taken aback by the magnificent beauty of the Thames River that flows right across the city. Once can take pleasure of the surroundings by taking a cruise ride across the popular Thames River.

Big Ben

Big Ben is one of the most iconic clocks in the planet and who’s recognisable chimes spec on TV news. Big Ben is a 4 faced clock and is more than three-hundred feet tall named after Sir B Hall.

Kew garden

Kew garden is another place in London that is largely visited by the students of Botany and the nature lovers. This botanical garden has a set of rare plants.

All these locations of attractions in London can be conveniently accessed by the visitors with the help if the London Pass and make sure the visitors a enjoyable tour and a best vacation in London.

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