Spending a holiday in China: Things to see and do

Did you know that China has a history that covers a period of over 5000 years? A lot of interesting and unique things have happened over all these years. In addition, China is a huge country which is blessed with extraordinary natural beauties. It has deserts, forests, mountains, seas and many other things that will impress even experienced travelers. Of course, China is known for the food too. Chinese food is consumed around the globe, but if you spend your next holiday in China, you will have an opportunity to try authentic Chinese food. Now let’s highlight a few things that you can see in this Asian country.
The Great Wall – this attraction is located in North China and covers an area of 4000 miles. This wall was built for many centuries in order to protect China from the Mongols. The best idea is to visit the capital city of Beijing because it provides easy access to the wall.
The Forbidden City – here’s another attraction that you can find in Beijing. Built in the 15th century, the Forbidden Palace is a royal palace which includes 980 buildings with hundreds of rooms. It’s good to know that this is a World Heritage Site since 1987. You will find many interesting wooden objects in this complex.
The Three Gorges Dam – this is the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world. Built on the magnificent Yangtze River, this site provides access to an impressive view of the valley. Don’t forget that the Yangtze River is the third longest river on our planet. Use this starting point to take a boat tour.
The Terracotta Warriors – It took over two thousand years for people to unearth the breathtaking collection of Terracotta Warriors created in honor of Qin Shihuang, a powerful Chinese Emperor. They were designed to protect his burial site.
Pandas – Finally, if you love animals, head to Chengdu. The capital city of Sichuan province is home to the Wolong Nature Preserve where you can find one of the planet’s cutest animals – giant pandas.

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