What to do in Amsterdam

Going on a holiday to Europe demands planning. After all, Europe may very well be one of the smallest continents, but it’s extremely dense. It’s the seat of a big portion of the history of humanity, so there are many places that you should visit and see.

But if there is one place that we recommend you to visit no matter who you are, it’s the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. This is outright one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world – so, there is no harm done in visiting it while you’re on and about traversing all around Europe.

First things first – we’ll mention the notorious Red-Light District of Amsterdam. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands, and RLD is one of the most widely recognized places where you can practically window shop for prostitutes. Of course, if you’re not the type of person that wishes to use the services of a prostitute – this is still a place that will pique your curiosity, as the red lights will spark up your imagination.

As a counterproposal to this, Amsterdam is one of the most culturally rich cities in the world. So, you could go to the famous Museumplein in Amsterdam, a place where you can check out some of the greatest museums in Europe. We recommend you to check out the Van Gogh museum, as well as the Rijksmuseum. And the entire park area of the Museumplein of Amsterdam is a great place to be in no matter who you are.

Then you can take a ferry and check in at NDSM – a place where young people gather up and hold events with music and graffiti, among other things. Of course, you ought to know by now that weed is fully legal in the Netherlands – so people casually smoking marijuana in the streets is not something that you should be surprised at when you’re in Amsterdam.

And this is only a small portion of all of the things that you will be able to see in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Have fun visiting this gorgeous place!

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