USA Travel Tips – Amazing places you need to see

Those who have the opportunity to travel to USA should definitely take that opportunity. However, besides the well-known cities that are visited by millions of tourists and classic attractions that you want to see, there are many other less known things that are worth visiting. Some of these places are perfect for honeymooners. If you are one of those people who want to be unique and take some incredible photos these places will impress you.
All these places are not close to each other and you probably won’t have the time to visit them all, but we are presenting six of them located in USA, so you will probably have the chance to visit one of them.

Oneonta Gorge
If you are a fan of epic fantasy movies and books then you should definitely visit Oneonta Gorge in Oregon. Greenery, waterfalls, amazing nature are some of the things that you can find in this place that looks like it is out of an elf fairytale.
The Mendenhall Glacier Caves
This is one of the most amazing places not only in Alaska, but in North America too. These caves look like frozen waves and if you have the chance to take a tour you will get the feeling that you are on another planet.
The Tulip Fields
Those who love flowers and vivid colors will surely love these fields located in Washington. You will surely get some amazing photos if you use your camera here.
Hamilton Pool
There are many places in Texas that look very mysterious and Hamilton Pool is one of them. This small lake located inside a huge cave was created once the underground river stopped flowing.
Yellowstone National Park
This is a natural wellspring which is actually the largest in the United States. It looks interesting because of the unique combination of colors. If you are in Wyoming make sure to visit this incredible park.
Bryce Canyon
This is another place where we can witness the impressiveness of Mother Nature. The pink-orange rocks are perfect for taking epic photos. This canyon is located in Utah.

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