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Tourist Attractions and Popular Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is known as the fashion capital of Asian countries. It is counted as one of the most disciplined and well-planned countries. With around 715 of land, Singapore is an island nation which is located at the equatorial line.
Tourist attractions
Singapore has proved to be one of the most liked tourist places in Asia over the years. Let us see what exactly Singapore offers to its tourists.
Marina Bay
The Mascot of Singapore the Merlion, a half mermaid and half lion statue is just not any ordinary, it is a water pouting statue which is one of the main attractions of Singapore.
You can enjoy the greenery along with the comfort of an air conditioned atmosphere. You can also witness the highest manmade waterfall inside Gardens by the Bay. Large Man-made trees are also worth watching especially during the night as they hold special light and sound show every evening.
Singapore Flyer is the largest observation wheel in the world. The maximum height covering to 165 Meters.
China Town
Majority of the population of Singapore is Chinese. China Town depicts the proper Chinese culture. The Buddha Tooth Replica temple is one of the main attractions for tourists in China Town. There are other Hindu Temples as well. The colorful market place is one of a kind.
Clark Quay
The nightlife can be well experienced in Clerk Quay. This place is alive during the night situated along a back-water stream, it is a favorite place for nightlife lovers. Food and drinks along with dance and music are what you can expect here.

Orchard Road
Orchard road is home to high rise luxury buildings. Tourists from all over Asia and other continents travel here to get their hands on all luxury brands. This place is known for its fashion quotient. You can just enjoy a walk along the orchard road which by itself is a joy.
Singapore is a shopper’s paradise and offers some of the best and luxurious brands and hotels from around the world. There are many more attractions that can make to the list such as Santosa Island, Little India, and Bugis.

5 cool places to visit in the USA

There are some places scattered around the USA that are so strange that they become amazing. From an alleged site of extraterrestrial visits to a castle built solely with coral, these unique places are definitely abundant in the United States.
1. Freemont Troll
Walk under the Aurora Bridge to see the Fremont Troll, an iconic sculpture of a wrinkled fairytale creature. The sculpture is a popular place to take photos and many of the visitors pose under their huge hands.
Since the Aurora Bridge was built in the early 1930s, there have been myths and rumors about the presence of trolls under it. When a competition was held to design something that would fill the space that existed under the bridge, the vast majority of the public voted for the image of a troll. The construction of the sculpture was completed in 1990, although it became more famous after appearing in the hit movie for teenagers 10 things that I hate about you.
2. Area 51
Area 51 is a territorial extension located in Nevada, United States, and is owned by the US government. It is very popular for the fact that there, for many years, test experiments with secret technologies and new military aircraft are being developed.
3. Carhenge
Carhenge is a monument located in Alliance, Nebrasca, consisting of 38 cars in the shape of a circle trying to represent the monument of Stonehenge. The artist of this unique car sculpture, Jim Reinders, while living in England, had the opportunity to study the design and purposes of Stonehenge.
Carhenge was created in memory of the father of Reinders who lived where he is currently located and gave the land to become a tourist place.
4. Death Valley Racetrack
Death Valley National Park is well-known for its spiritual landscape, which is set off by rolling dunes and huge mountain peaks. It is good place to Travel.
5. Coral Castle
Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, is a place I visited when I was little, with my family. In my mind I remembered it bigger, but I still found it fascinating. This coral castle is a limestone structure created by the eccentric American Latvian Edward Leedskalnin. Its construction has been an enigma for more than 90 years.

Spending a holiday in China: Things to see and do

Did you know that China has a history that covers a period of over 5000 years? A lot of interesting and unique things have happened over all these years. In addition, China is a huge country which is blessed with extraordinary natural beauties. It has deserts, forests, mountains, seas and many other things that will impress even experienced travelers. Of course, China is known for the food too. Chinese food is consumed around the globe, but if you spend your next holiday in China, you will have an opportunity to try authentic Chinese food. Now let’s highlight a few things that you can see in this Asian country.
The Great Wall – this attraction is located in North China and covers an area of 4000 miles. This wall was built for many centuries in order to protect China from the Mongols. The best idea is to visit the capital city of Beijing because it provides easy access to the wall.
The Forbidden City – here’s another attraction that you can find in Beijing. Built in the 15th century, the Forbidden Palace is a royal palace which includes 980 buildings with hundreds of rooms. It’s good to know that this is a World Heritage Site since 1987. You will find many interesting wooden objects in this complex.
The Three Gorges Dam – this is the largest hydroelectric power plant in the world. Built on the magnificent Yangtze River, this site provides access to an impressive view of the valley. Don’t forget that the Yangtze River is the third longest river on our planet. Use this starting point to take a boat tour.
The Terracotta Warriors – It took over two thousand years for people to unearth the breathtaking collection of Terracotta Warriors created in honor of Qin Shihuang, a powerful Chinese Emperor. They were designed to protect his burial site.
Pandas – Finally, if you love animals, head to Chengdu. The capital city of Sichuan province is home to the Wolong Nature Preserve where you can find one of the planet’s cutest animals – giant pandas.

Traveling to the city of light – Paris

Every time when someone is talking about enchanting cities, with remarkable architecture, with delicious aromas, and romantic atmosphere, the cities who are calling people who are in love, from all over the world, Paris is always the first city on the list. From astonishing Eiffel tower to secretive Louvre museum, to irresistible scents of French culinary delights which are awakening all senses, to strolling hand in hand on the bridges of the river of Seine- the city of light is really inspiring.
Traveling to this very popular, unique city can broaden your views of art, cooking, and fashion. Every corner in Paris has its own history, beauty, and story. There are a lot of things to see in Paris like the biggest avenue there is Champs Elysees which is the center of the city, then magnificent cathedral Notre-Dame which will leave you without breath, and it’s no wonder why so many artists were inspired by it when they were making their masterpieces.
Louvre is one of the most fascinating world museums. There you can spend days watching and admiring a lot of masterpieces made by the most famous artists of all times, but the most popular is Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. For someone who loves art, this place is a dream come true. There is the most charming place called Montmartre, and it’s known as an artistic quart in Paris, where you can see a lot of artist painting on the street and where you can feel the ghost of the old city. A lot of famous artists were gathering, living and creating there, like Dali’, Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, and others.
If you are looking for an amusement and great show, you can find it in the cabarets. The most famous in Paris is Moulin Rouge and Crazy Horse. Paris is known as the capital of fashion, where you can see a lot of famous designers, watch fashion shows and buy quality clothes.
Traveling to Paris will be one of your best investments and you will remember it for good.

Having a holiday in Asia

Having a holiday in Asia is one of the very best things that you could do for yourself, no matter who you are or where you come from. To that end, Asia is a very old continent in terms of culture and history. It’s rich in both of these things. if you’re a history buff, then there are so many reasons for you to visit some of the countries in Asia that it’s simply beyond belief what you can expect to see there.
But perhaps you wish to have some good time on the side of this. To that end, we suggest that you visit the country of Thailand. There are many different things that you could do here.
For one, you could visit the beautiful Phuket Island. This is the place where many people go and have the time of their life. It’s a popular tourist place that millions of people come and visit yearly.
One of the best activities that you could do in this place is finding a Muay Thai training camp. If you do this, then you will be able to start training Muay Thai and this will be of a huge benefit for you. No matter who you are, you will get to improve your health while having fun at the same time.
One of the most important things about Muay Thai is that it will teach you how to defend yourself in bad situations when you’re under attack by one or multiple assailants. But Muay Thai is also a sport which means that you will get to test your skills in a controlled setting in the ring. There are many competitions of Muay Thai all over the world.
We digressed a bit so as to tell you of the phenomenal things that you can expect to see and experience if you visit the beautiful country of Thailand. We positively believe that everyone should go to Thailand at least once in their lifetime in order to grow as a person and have the time of their lives. Have fun and don’t forget to visit a Muay Thai training camp!